Q & A

February 14, 2007

Q: I was in Providence the night you and Regal beat the Dudleys for the tag titles after losing them the night before at the Royal Rumble (2003). I know that you are no mark, but did you feel cheapened by being asked to win the titles in a 30-second match? Or happy that you were given the titles back? Did Regal have any feelings either way?
A: Iíve always just done what Iím told and try not to think about it too much more than that. We werenít even supposed to lose the titles in the first place. The decision was that Sunday at the PPV when they realized heels were winning most of the matches, and they needed a happy Baby Face moment for the PPV. We decided to drop the titles to the Dudleys for the ďpopĒ that night and needed to get them back and get some heat at the same time so we did the short thing on RAW. We were heels we didnít need meaningful deserving wins.

Q: Did you ever experience a time in your wrestling career where you were burnt out on the business and just wanted to quit?
A: Yah, that was pretty much the time I quit! (LOL)

Q: What made you choose wrestling over anything else? Did you ever consider a career in volleyball, or maybe trying to go to the Olympics through volleyball? I'm not sure if there is a professional career in volleyball, other than beach volleyball, but you're in Canada and assume that's not too popular up there. It's barely popular down here, and you need beaches and warm weather, but wrestling seemed pretty risky financially especially considering the time period when wrestling was probably at one of it's lowest points. I'm not too sure of the collegiate volleyball but beach volleyball at least had seasons and tournaments and sponsorships and such.
A: There is pro level to Volleyball, but realistically I wasnít good enough to make it to the pro or Olympic level. I was very short by volleyball standard and not near good enough to compensate for that fact on that level.

Q: How do you feel about wrestlers "calling out" their signature moves? What I mean by this for example is in WCW when Goldberg did his spear he would just spear someone out of nowhere of 10 years ago HBK would most likely hit the sweet chin music out of nowhere. Now when Goldberg was in WWE or anyone that has a spear-like signature move (Lashley, Rhino, Cor Von *i hate that name*) they pretty much squat at the corner and wait for their opponent to get up before doing the spear and HBK stomps or "warms up the band" before doing the kick. Matt and Jeff Hardy yell and do a taunt before doing the twist of fate. Stuff like that. Over time I've grown accustomed to tuning out of most of the match and waiting for that cue to see a signature move. I hate it personally. It just never gives a good flow to a match and most of the time there's just too much of an awkward pause and takes me out of the match.
A: I think there is a place for it, but you donít want to only use your finish that way. By calling it out like HBK does, it lets everyone know what is coming, which allows for it to be countered etc. and get maximum effect. Hitting it out of nowhere is good also; itís combining the two to keep people guessing that works the best.

Q: do you think that Vince should bring back de ECW TV title and put it on a young guy like CM Punk or Kevin Thorn? I think it can give credibility to one of them without pushing him to fast to the top.
A: I think it would take a lot more than that to save ECW. With the current 1-hour format building 2 title feuds would be difficult.

Q: What is the strangest thing you've ever had to sign?
A:I signed a girlís breast once. Iíve been asked to do that a few times and always turned down the request. I was out with my wife once and was turning down the request when she insisted I oblige the request because she knew it would embarrass me.

Q: I was one of the few lucky people to be at the BSE show you did with Christian and I just wanted to thank you for the excellent match you two had! But I was wondering, A performer like your self could have worked for any Indy Promotion what made u decide on BSE? And did working with Christian help your decision?
A: I pick and choose fairly carefully at this point and I actually know the guy who runs BSE from way back when. The chance to work with Christian was then the deciding factor. I knew I would be treated well at the show and was. I may work another BSE show this summer.

Q: On recent episodes of ECW we've seen rising star CM Punk and hugely-over star RVD job cleanly to Hardcore Holly. I repeat: to Hardcore Holly... Does this seem like curious booking to you, too?
A: I wouldnít say curious. Losing a match is not the end of the world and Holly is a strongly pushed character in ECW.

Q: You said your an Eminem fan (I'm surprised), what is your favourite of his songs? I personally like his stuff where he showcases his talents as a lyricist like "Rabbit Run" "Lose Yourself" "No Apoligies" "The Way I Am" "Soldier" the list goes on and on. No Apoligies is a new track, so if you have yet to hear it, I'd bet money that you would like this one if you are into his lyrics.
A: I too was surprised when I discovered I was an Eminem fan. I donít think I have a favourite song; I like almost all of his stuff.

Q: Jerry Lynn is quite old for a wrestler, it seems rare that wrestlers of that age can still "go" the way they do, especially with Lynn's style. Others like Booker T, The Undertaker, 2 Cold Scorpio, and possibly yourself one day (sorry), don't seem "old" in the ring. Is there a secret to it like Pilates or Yoga or What?
A: I think just being smart and working around injuries instead of taking pills and working in spite of injuries. This way you stay healthier longer.

Q: What is your take on how wrestling has evolved? The Dragon Gate 6-man match that was given 5 stars from ROH was said to be a cut above other types of in-ring action. When I watched it I thought the match was chaotic with very little selling, it wasn't to my liking. I honestly found your match with Bryan Danielson far more entertaining from the moment you avoided his first drop kick (showing that you "did your homework") until you tapped.
A: That is one of the great things about wrestling; there are an abundance of different styles and thus something for everyone. Some people like the break neck pace of the Dragons Gate stuff while others like a more realistically based wrestling match like the one Bryan and I did.

Q: Once you became established, I'm sure this was no longer an issue, but early on, did your clean lifestyle on the road draw heat from fellow wrestlers? I ask this because I'm sure that some wrestlers would view this as a sign of arrogance, or being "too good" to hang with them. Did you ever witness other wrestlers get lured into the fast lifestyle due to peer pressure?
A: This was a minor problem for me but it was greatly minimized thankfully by Jericho in my early years. A lot of your connections and breaks in the business come from who you know, and socializing after shows is a big part of getting ďinĒ with people. I never did this and likely would have suffered greatly for it if not for my teaming with Jericho early on. He was very sociable and everyone liked him. This opened a lot of doors for him and he was kind enough to drag me through them with him. When I went to Europe the first time for CWA I was alone and had heat issues for my lack of camaraderie with the boys. With the help of Larry Cameron and Fit Finlay I eventually over came this as well.

Q: Just how unreliable is internet news? I know a lot of it is here say, but how bad is it?
A: VERY unreliable you probably shouldnít even believe what Iím telling you now.

Q: What is your opinion on the wresting observer newsletter?
A: I think as far as ďDirt SheetsĒ go it is about as accurate and reliable as you are going to get.

Q: CM Punk recently lost matches against Bob Holly and Matt Striker despite being heavily pushed beforehand. I've heard he has locker room heat despite the fact he has done nothing inherently disrespectful, but because he has a sarcastic attitude. You've mentioned wrestlers getting heat for offending the locker room (whether or not those offenses are real or mostly imagined.) Do you think this might be the case of misperception? And if it is, do you think being misconstrued by the locker room is, for the most part, easily avoidable?
A: A lot of assumptions in this statement, but it is very easy to have things taken the wrong way and offend people unintentionally. It is near impossible to completely avoid locker room heat when you are new and getting a push.

Q: I was wondering, do you think that if you train someone and four years later they get a WWE contract that you can take any credit for it? Or is being able to say that you trained a WWE superstar enough?
A: Iím not really looking for credit; if they make it to WWE Iím happy for them, if they want to give me credit for that then great.

Q: Do you think that Ashley Massaro will ever win the Womens Championship, she seems to try very hard and wants to learn all she can?
A: Unless they move her to RAW there isnít even a chance of it. I doubt WWE is concerned all that much about the womenís title right now, as is evident by the pending PPV Talent Contest.

Q: There has been plenty of talks recently that Kurt Angle is being a little stiff in his matches in TNA, and many wrestlers have complained about that.. Now u have worked with Kurt before, have u ever felt that he was a bit stiff in the ring, or was he easy to work with?
A: I worked with him so long ago. Kurt was very physical and snug, but at the time I didnít consider him stiff.

Q: I have noticed that the WWE nearly always produces good Triple threat matches.. Now are triple threat matches easier to work than singles matches, or the WWE just books them smartly?
A: Triple Threats are very difficult to do well. I think WWE is just smart in who they put in them or at least who they have agent the matches.

Q: I'm not sure about this one, but it seemed that u don't order PPV's.. But will u be ordering wrestlemania for example?
A: I will not be ordering it no, I donítí even have PPV capability at my house. My brother in-law may get on his dish, so there is a chance I may look into watching it with him.

Q: What's ur favourite gimmick match?
A: I donít think I have one. The match has to suit the feud.

Q: Speaking of gimmick matches, i always noticed that people often complain about a ladder match being just "a meaningless spotfest".. No matter how amaizing the match is.. U always talk about the importance of match psychology.. Do u think it's hard to add psychology to a ladder match?
A: You can add psychology to any match; itís just taking the time to do it. The difficult thing especially with single ladder matches is that selling everything appropriately makes the match quite slow. The TLC matches with 3 and 4 teams set the bar too high because guys could sell the bumps while others kept the action going.

Q: I donít really know why there was so much friction on Buff Bagwell, or how he got the spot to fight Booker T on RAWÖbut in a world where anything really seems to be possible, would you think it a probability that Booker was told to throw the match in exchange for a guaranteed spot on the roster? I find it hard to believe that he could put on such a bad match, even with someone as limited as Buff.
A: Iím not sure why everyone keeps trying to defend Buff on this one. Buff had heat because he had a very elevated view of himself and his star power, and rubbed EVERYONE the wrong way. Buff was used to working very lazy WCW matches and getting his own way. He had an extended period of time off before he had that match with Booker, and totally blew up and had a crappy match. They were selected for that match because they were viewed as the 2 biggest WCW names we had. I do believe on some level Vince was pleased that the match failed so miserably as he still likely wanted to show the world WWF was superior to WCW. Buff and Booker worked a couple house shows before hand, which were viewed as terrible. I also worked Booker on house shows before this match, and had solid matches with him. There was a strong debate about who would be selected for that first match and Buff was selected based on ďnameĒ value and perhaps somewhat on that other level of wanting WCW to look weak. Booker was not told to blow the match, as he was VERY worried and concerned when it was over and did so poorly.

Q: I know you are familiar with SMW wrestler TimHorner. What is your opinion on Tim as a worker? Backstage? Charisma?
A: I donít know Tim well but I do know him. Tim was a very talented worker, and a very nice guy to deal with. He was more of a worker than a personality as far as a performer goes.

Q: Are you familiar as to why Tim Horner was recently let go by WWE as an agent? If so, what is the reasoning?
A: I have no idea the reasons behind Timís release. The agent job isnít for everyone.

Q: Who do you think are the greatest African American wrestlers of all time?
A: Iíve never really thought about it. Iím not sure how youíd class The Rock is you were dividing by race. He would likely be the greatest if you include him as African American. If you class Rock as Samoan then I might go with Booker T, although I may be over looking someone Iíve never really divided the business in this manner to judge.

Q: Youíve said you would never go back to being in-ring full time. You seem to have some great ideas on the direction of the business. Would you ever consider booking?
A: I would be interested in something like this but again it would have to be done from here. With technology today I suppose that would be possible.

Q: I just read at tnawrestlingnews.com that tna is close to landing a regular 2 hour spot on spike, will this get you watching again even with Russo involved?
A: I will watch if the show gets better not if it just gets longer.

Q: what do you think of the ring of honor wrestler Nigel Mcguinness?????
A: I havenít seen much of his work to be honest. Heís a really nice guy I met him on the train to Doncaster when I worked for 1PW.

Q: I'd like to know of any superstars you wished you'd had the honour of facing, that you missed out on. Care to share top ones? I think you would have had some brilliant PPV matches with Shawn Michaels, if you didnt face him during your last stint on Raw.
A: This question comes up a lot. Just the short list, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart.

Q: I was wondering what your opinion of Ring of Honor and some of the talent there is. are there any wrestlers in particular that stand out in your mind? Providing they don't fall into the same booking hole as TNA, do you think they would make a good television program?
A: I love ROH, but donít get to see too much of it. Iím far to busy to be watching DVD releases all the time. I think Gabe could do a very solid TV program for ROH if he had the opportunity.

Q: Obviously there were a few signs the Kurt Angle was a bit "out there" toward the end of WWE run, but what do you think of his most recent rants about all him having the best matches ever, how Dixie Carter runs a better business than Vince Etc. You think he actually believes this, is trying to work everyone, or is trying to rival the ultimate warrior for odd ball quotes?
A: Likely all of the above. So many of his statement are absurd. Every match the man has canít be Match of the Year for example. Say what you want about Vince and Business but WWE made approx. 40 million dollars last year while Dixie and TNA lost 10 million you do the math. I like the idea of a Kurt Ė Warrior debate though, that might be good.

Q: Can words express how happy you are for not signing with the new WWE/ECW when the re-launched
A: YIIIIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! No I guess not that doesnít even say enough.

Q: Can over the top gimmicks get over anymore? WWE seems to try every now and again with guy like Mordecai, the vampire etc, or are those days gone?
A: I think the right over the top gimmick can get over if done right.

Q: The gimmick question got me thinking, seems like aside from undertaker most guys with over the top gimmicks are not very good in ring. Are the gimmicks used to cover up poor workers, or does it just seem that way?
A: I think it just seems that way. If the worker is talented enough the gimmick doesnít over shadow the worker, but if the worker isnít that talented then the gimmick over shadows and stands out more. There are certainly instances that they give wilder gimmicks to less talented people to hide their lack of talent.

Q: What were your impressions of the Vampire in ECW, when he was in OVW?
A: I got along well enough with him in OVW. I would have liked to see him work harder though.

Q: Say you get in a fight backstage, show up late, what ever the offense maybe, who handles the discipline for that from the office?
A: All depends on the extent of the incident and what company you work for. It could be a veteran of the locker room deals with it, an agent, head of talent. There are numerous possibilities.

p> Q: How easy/hard is it to get a word with Vince, if you wanted to talk to him about something, while you worked for him?
A: Vince was very accessible; if you needed to talk with him he would always find the time some how.

Q: How/why do guys who make it very obvious that they are very green or just can not work at all, make it to being on TV. Pretty obvious without naming people each show has a few that there is no way they should be on TV, yet they are, why does that happen?
A: Again there are a number of reasons why different people are pushed on TV. A lot of times someone high up just likes his or her look.

Q: I was wondering your thoughts on Jim Ross from a professional & personal perspective that is if you don't mind me asking. Also he says great things about you in his blogs. (another favorite stop of mine) here is an excerpt from one of his latest that mentions you. ďI have often talked of Lance Storm here. I will say this, if I had a son who wanted to be a wrestler, I would love for Lance to train him. Lance Storm is a class act who is an intelligent, well read gentleman who is a credit to the wrestling business. Or any business for that matter.Ē
A: I have a world of respect for JR and still keep in touch with him periodically. I didnít get to know him too well on a personal level, as I think he liked to keep talent at a bit of a distance when he was head of talent relations. Now that he is no longer my boss I feel we have a lot more of a friendly relationship.

Q: On the topic of managers, do you think Brock Lesnar would have reached the top-tier of WWE so quickly without having the mic skills of Paul Heyman beside him?
A: They were pushing Brock to the top no matter what, Paul just made it more effective ride not a faster one.

Q: Is the WWE Hall of Fame something that most wrestlers take seriously, or is it just seen as another part of the show?
A: I think most of us take it seriously. With the nature of our business there are so few true honors we can take pride in so I think we all look for a means of validation and want the HOF to be that.

Q: In the picture of you and Jericho flexing with a river in the background, in your bio, you looking freaking huge muscle wise. What did you weigh then?
A: That was in SMW in 1994 so I would have weighed maybe 216 lbs.

Q: I just ate at Cracker Barrell this past weekend and realized I had never saw anyone ask you this...but do you eat the bread that comes with meals? If so are you a biscuit kind of guy or do you go cornbread guy from there?
A: I LOVE their biscuits but try to avoid them because of the butter content.

Q: If I asked you to list 3 DVD's you own to sort of understand the type of person you are, which 3 Non-Wrestling DVD's would you list?
A: Wow that is a tough one, Iíll give you two Batman Returns, Corner Gas. See if you can figure me out from that.

Q: Just got a email saying Eric B broke his arm..did you have something to do with that lol?
A: I was too busy being bitter.

Q: So how many weeks are we from every match in TNA ending with 55 gallons of fake blood landing on every wrestler during the match since we've already got the Russo Run Ins started....
A: I want to see the return of R&B Security. I dubbed them RUN in and BUMP Security when I was in WCW. Hey consider our selves lucky if he doesnít put the World Title on himself again.

Q: Is there a email address we can write to the writes of Corner Gas, to get you to be a special guest for a episode?
A: Yes there is and here it is, GET WORKIGN ON IT PEOPLE! contact@cornergas.com

Q: Lets say TNA gets it together. Do you think it would be better for them to have a show on Monday nights? Like you've said before we are get in the habit of doing stuff. Wrestling is Monday Night. It's that easy for me. If they would come on the hour before Raw, or the hour of the first Raw I'd flip back and forth, and I'm sure others would to. I mean it couldnít get them much lower rating than they got now could it?
A: That is a tough call. Iím not sure what would work better. I think if the show improves enough it should thrive regardless of the time slot. It just needs to be consistently good.

Q: Anything you miss from the road other than seeing your friends?
A: Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans, and the Skyline Diner in Newark, NJ.

Q: I just read your commentary "why I rant" and I noticed you said don't watch WWE and TNA purely as a fan. I was curious, though; as a professional wrestler, are you able to watch a match that isn't considered a "good" wrestling match and just sit back enjoy it? Or do you find it difficult to block out mistakes or things you don't like in a match...
A: Your question is a good one but confusing. I enjoy good wrestling matches so I doubt I would enjoy one that wasnít considered good. I can sit back and enjoy matches when they are good.

Q: Lance, how does Samoa Joe's rear naked choke make any sense in pro wrestling? It's a darn choke! Isn't that against the rules?
A: It doesnít make any sense. I had the same complaint with Taz in ECW. I think the thought process is that itís more of a shoot like MMA but it completely contradicts pro-wrestling rules. I used to yell at the referees in ECW (as a joke) when they would reprimand me for a blatant choke, ďWhy canít I choke, when Tazís finish is a choke!Ē

Q: All we hear in the states is how many people from over the world love and watch the Super Bowl; did it get much mention or media coverage in your town? is American Football even watched? Or is it just a hockey type of country?
A: The Super Bowl is big up here too.

Q: Christian, Jerry Lynn, or Jericho, who's sence of humor is most like yours?
A: Likely Christianís

Q: At house shows do you think it makes a big difference who is holding the titles? I know for me as a kid, I loved going to see if the good guy would beat the bad guy. It was that simple back then. To me I'd rather go see a baby face have a chance at winning the title then have a heel win the title from a baby face. Now I know this doesnít happen at house shows that often. the heel has to be strong enough though to make you care. Like in the late 80's early 90's I was dying to see Sting beat Flair. I guess my question is do you think the gate is bigger or smaller for shows depending on who is holding the title?
A: There are 2 schools of thought. Back in the day when the business was believed to be real the face chasing the heel champ likely drew better, because house shows were the only place to see big match ups and fans wanted to see the good guy win the title. Today with fans more in the know I think the opposite is likely true. Most fans know titles donít change hands on house shows and the big matches and title switches happen on TV. With this as the case I think the draw is just to see the stars and the action in person and if the face is champ it allows for a happy ending to the event as apposed to a disappointing heel title victory to retain the title.

Q: Do you remember the first time you was asked for a autograph? If so when was it?
A: God no.

Q: When will you tell us what Skipper said to you, to make you smile/laugh in the ring that one time?
A: I guess when and if I get a book published.

Q: were there any other wrestlers or promotions you watched growing up besides Calgary Stampede wrestling?
A: I watched International Wrestling out of Montreal a bit as a kid.

Q: Have you ever worked the European "rounds" system of wrestling? If so, how did the psychology of the match differ?: Was it harder for the heel to get a proper sustained "heat" period of the match leading to the baby face comeback?
A: I did a season and a half with Otto Wanz for CWA and worked the rounds system. Psychology was pretty much the same, fans were accustom to the breaks and would accept the fact that you just picked up where you left off before the round break. I liked the round system.

Q: Kind of a strange question, but I am curious nonetheless. I know with the schedule wrestlers keep it is tough, but are there any wrestlers that you know of that are golfers and enjoy a game from time to time?
A: Booker T is a golf fanatic.

Q: Do you see any wrestlers in either WWE or TNA that would stand any chance of becoming a Champion in UFC?
A: No. To compete at any sport at that level you would have to dedicate yourself full time to it. Adjusting from throwing worked shots to real ones would take a long time. There are guys that if they decided to get into MMA at the beginning likely would have been good at it.

Q:Having read your commentaries on politics and valets, did you pitch the idea to the WWE of reuniting you and Dawn Marie? Do you think this would have helped both of you get more over?
A: I pitched that possibility a few times, and was always shot down. They didnít seem receptive to going back to ideas that were done elsewhere. I may even post one of the ideas that I pitched I thought it was great.

Q: Do you think it is feasible for someone to do all of the TV writing from a remote location? For example, are there reason why someone in say, Calgary..... Alberta, Canada, could not write for TNA?
A: I think you could collaborate from a distance but someone from the writing process would need to be there in person.

Q: Do you think Vince would ever keep a talent like RVD on the payroll, but keep him at home, just so he would not jump to TNA?
A: I think Vince might retain someone based on keeping them away from the competition, but if Vince is going to pay a talent like Rob, heíd use him.

Q: How did interviews work in WWE, like say they wanted you on the f4w radio show, does that have to get cleared with the office, work any different in ECW or WCW?
A: For the most part you are supposed to get clearance through the office. As long as you were professional and promoted the company rather than bury it you wouldnít likely get heat for not clearing one though.

Q: Did it ever make a difference to you the type of ring, such and size, type of ropes etc?
A: I had my preferences but it didnít make that big of a difference to me.

Q: Just wondering if you have received any off-the-record comments (good or bad) from anyone in the business (friends, wrestlers or management - TNA or WWE) about your out-spoken, non-bias critiques and critisisms of the current product?"
A: Iíve gotten a lot of feedback and almost all of it positive.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm