Q & A

April 4, 2007

Q: What do wrestlers who wear glasses do when they wrestle? Do they were contact lenses or do they wrestle without them?
A: It all depends on how bad their eyes are. A lot of guys wear contacts when they wrestle (Chris Jericho for example) while other guys just wrestle without. Itís not like you have to read a book in the ring, if you canít see Big Show running at you without your glasses on you are in serious trouble.

Q: What are your thoughts on ribs, are they harmless or do they cross the line a lot of the time?
A: All depends on the rib, many are harmless but some guys go to far and they become destructive.

Q: Who still working in the business would make a good trainer in your mind?
A: Finlay!!!!!!!!!!

Q: After a worker leaves your school, what do they do training-wise ? Do they just get more experience through working or can they go to schools to get training past the basics?
A: When they are done with me they need experience not additional training, so getting bookings and working is what most have done.

Q: Do you have to go though a pre-match physical before each match or just in state that have athletic commissions that over see pro wrestling?
A: There are a few states that have commissions where a doctor will check your blood pressure but that is about it.

Q: You see time to time about workers having to have a pro wrestling license, is that just for certain states?
A: You only need to have a license in states that have governing commissions, and itís primary purpose is just to have something to pull if you break their rules.

Q: How does a guy go about getting a license and did WWE/WCW/ECW take care of that for you or did you have to do it on your own.
A: Most places it is simply if you are on the show they charge you the cost and issue you a license. The commission makes a few bucks and if you misbehave (push a fan, etc.) they can revoke it and you can no longer wrestle. It isnít like a drivers license where you have to be qualified to get one.

Q: You mentioned clearing customs a while back, have you ever had any hassle with customs like being detained or just hassle in general?
A: Not in a long time, no. When you have a work visa and an obvious legit reason to be crossing back and forth you donítí get hassled. I eventually got to know all the customs guys.

Q: Ever work or meet Jake Roberts, if so any thoughts on him?
A: Nope, I never did. I met him briefly and that was that.

Q: You mention on the website that you go to the gym about 3 times a week. Is that still the case? You actually posed for a pic for me once (biceps pose) and to me it looked like you probably went to the gym 6 times a week!!!
A: At most I make it 4 times a week. There is a huge misconception when it comes to weight training and I think it is due to most training advice coming from Muscle Magazines and body builders who take steroids. Steroids enable quick muscle recovery and enable you to train harder and more frequently. If I trained 6 days a week I would be over training and would actually grow less and be smaller. Iíve found my body needs proper rest to grow and if I train properly 4 times a week that is enough for my body. Some times less is more.

Q: Mick Foley likes to talk and write about famous people he has met or cool things he has been able to do because of his celebrity status. So I'm just wondering what's the coolest perk you've ever gotten for being famous (even if you don't consider yourself famous)?
A: Thanks to my book club I got to speak at the World Fantasy Convention in 2003, in Washington DC. It was a fantasy writerís convention and I got to speak on a panel with F. Paul Wilson, and Douglas E. Winter. I think I surprised a lot of people about the art of telling stories in a wrestling match.

Q: In one of ur previous Q & A's, u said that the only ref u ever had a problem with was teddy long..What exactly happened?
A: Teddy had a tendency of counting 3 on near falls and screwing up finishes. There were about 6 occurrences in the span of a month and about that time he stopped being used as a ref and was brought back as a manger to Back the Mack.

Q: Do u have a problem when fans chant " U F'ed up" at a wrestler? I personally dislike it, cuz it's entirely normal that a wrestler botches a move every now and then.
A: I certainly donít like it but fans are free to say what they want. I more got annoyed when they would chant it when there wasnít actually a F-Up, which happened quite a bit.

Q: I'm just curious, were u able to perform a shooting star press?
A: Iíve never tried one. I saw too many people get hurt trying it and figured why bother.

Q: What are ur thoughts on Billy Kidman as a wresltler? I always enjoyed his work in WCW.
A: I absolutely loved working with Kidman. He was so easy and fun to be in the ring with.

Q: Someone asked u once who do u think was the best technical wrestler, and u answered by saying that as a wrestler it's definitely Kurt Angle, but when it comes to workers, there are many others. What exactly the difference between a good wrestler, and a good worker?
A: I think an illustration is best. Ted Dibiase was a great worker, but he really didnít do any wrestling. Ted had great matches but didnít actually use traditional wrestling holds. William Regal obviously would be both.

Q: Can you remember any times where the arena you were working in was very cold or very hot? I would think it would always be one or the other. I would think working with little clothing would make you very cold, or working under the lights would make you very hot.
A: I have done both, several times. Letís do hot first. In ECW we worked an outdoor show in a bar on the Jersey Shore somewhere. I donít remember the town but it was ďBar AĒ. The one day I worked the show it was incredibly hot and sunny. It was likely close to 90 degrees and with the sun on the ring the canvas was so hot it hurt to lie on the canvas. Every time someone bumped they fed back up to their feed almost immediately. There was another time in WCW where the lights on a house show were lower than usual and it was hard to stand still for the National anthem, my scalp was actually getting so hot it hurt. As for cold Japan was very bad in the winter. It usually didnít get extremely cold in Japan so a lot of the older buildings didnít have heat. I did a February tour for WAR up on Hokkaido (Northern Island in Japan) and it as freezing. It was a cement building with no heat and it was snowing outside. We huddled around kerosene heaters in the locker room before the match trying to figure out how to do a 4-way bear hug spot in the match in hopes of keeping warm.

Q: I thought it was very stupid how WWE did that whole "BOOORING" gimmick with you. Who's idea was it, WHY did they think it would get you over, and what were your thoughts on it?
A: Iím not sure anyone wants to take credit for that one, and to my knowledge no one has. The way it was explained to me was that it was supposed to be similar to the Kurt Angle ďYou SuckĒ gimmick, in that they wanted the crowd to get involved with the chant. The problem (or rather one of the problems was) that with the Kurt Angle thing the announcers werenítí actually agreeing with the crowd and talking endlessly about how Kurt actually did suck, not to mention Kurt didnít lose every match at the time either. Someone was either an idiot, or someone wanted to sabotage my credibility and managed to convince others that this could work.

Q: If TNA ever hired both you and Jim Cornette to work for the company as writers do you think you and Jim would be able to get along and share ideas without butting heads?
A: Of course we could get along. I have a ton of respect for Jimmy and we managed to work together on OVW quite well.

Q: You said in your last Q & A that your thought the WWE product has been better while HHH is on hiadus. Why is that so? Is it because he takes up to much TV time and limelight or is because you personally don't like him or another reason altogether?
A: I think a lot of it lies in that, in my opinion, they were costing with the DX thing, and when HHH went down everyone had to hustle to make up for the loss. It created a void and everyone wanted to fill it so they all stepped up, boys, writers, etc.

Q: First, your match with Chris Candido at Heat Wave 98 is one of my favorite matches ever. My question is about Candido's finisher, "The Blonde Bombshell." That was one severe move! Was there any real way to protect oneself on that move, or was banging one's head on the mat pretty much par for the course on that one?
A: That particular night was the worst bump Iíve ever taken on that move. Had he hung on to me more and brought me down flat instead of pushing me out, the bump would have been much better. Any bump where you travel horizontally the chances of banging your head increase. I must have a hard head because that bump should have knocked me out or at least given me a concussion.

Q: Hey just wondering what brand of protein shakes and bars you use?
A: What ever is cheapest.

Q: Do you think that Big Show has had a good enough career to be considered Hall of Fame worthy?
A: I would think so, yes.

Q: People have recently asked you about Internet "news" sites and I wanted to know if you ever heard or read a rumor about yourself that you thought was completely absurd?
A: There was that several year long rumor that Victoria and I were Brother and Sister, but since I perpetuated that one, itís partly my fault.

Q: I have read a few indy guys saying they get really mad when people try to steal the show. So is it better to try to put on a 5-star classic every night or should you try not to show everyone else up with your match? Is this attitude different perhaps between the indies and the big leagues?
A: I think the problem lies more in guys trying to steal the show by just doing too much or doing crazy stunts that can burn out a crowd. If they steal the show by having a good match that is one thing, stealing the show by brawling in the crowd and using tables chairs etc. is another.

Q: What was going through your mind when you found out that the Wresting Observer Newsletter named you the 2001 Most Underrated Wrestler?
A: I think it was 2003 when I found out about it but I guess it is both a good and bad thing. Itís a complement in that they think you could do so much more but it is also a let down in that I guess youíve had a shitty year. Itís like the most improved award. It means youíve gotten better but I guess it also means you sucked to start out.

Q: You have said many times that belts did not matter do you, so at what point could you consider career a success?
A: If you need a title belt to consider your career a success, you are a MARK! Many people get title runs that donít deserve them and many people who do deserve them donít get them. I considered my career a success when I was making a good living and respected by my peers for my abilities.

Q: Does a wrestler EVER fully regain their health after years of bumping and general wear and tear that comes with the wrestling style?
A: NO. Some injures get a bit better once you get out, but torn ligaments, bulging discs, bone clips, etc. donít ever go away.

Q: How do you feel?
A: Sore a lot of the time, but on the whole pretty decent.

Q: My favorite wrestling match was between Kurt Angle and yourself, couple years back on raw. That match was perfect, that was wrestling at its best. Would you agree??
A: I think it was a little short to be considered wrestling at itís best, but I thought Kurt and I worked extremely well together and I am very proud of that match. Kurt and I could have really done something with a lengthy program.

Q: MMA is getting very popular. Do you think it will surpass wrestling??
A: I think in some respects it already has.

Q: What kind of pets did you have growing up? Do you have any now?
A: My mom had allergies so I never had a pet growing up. Iíve got a small dog now who I love.

Q: Love the promoters commentaries. Just one question out of pure curiosity, did CNWA stand for anything? Or was it always just an acronym?
A: Canadian National Wrestling Alliance

Q: Iíve really been enjoying your Promoter series of stories but one question keeps popping into mind; when you were receiving your flat fee payment of $50, what was your day job?
A: I had a ton of jobs. I bounced in a Bar for a lot of my early career.

Q: Despite that you thought that your mic work was your weakest strength, do you have a favourite line (except the basics ie: "If I can be serious for a minute" "I'm from Calgary, Alberta Canada"). My favorite WCW line was just after the Canadian election and you said something like "Canada is better then the USA. What took your country 32 days, took mine only 1" It's hard to hate someone who's telling the truth ...
A: There were a lot of WCW promos that I loved, and I wrote most of them myself. The crazy Presidential Election could not have been better timed for me. I was a big fan of ďItís time to shut up and wrestleĒ

Q: I've watched a few old (ie mid-80s) wrestling bouts, and I've noticed that in the beginning of some matches the heel usually spends about 5 minutes avoiding any contact. For example, he walks about the ring, goes in and out of the ropes. Anything to avoid starting the match. Why did they do that? Was it down to psychology/working the crowd or just trying to kill time?
A: Part of it was to create heat but a lot of it was being lazy too. If you knew you had to go 20 minutes it was a lot easier if you could walk and talk for the first 5-8 minutes.

Q: You said recently about how even now you don't really like going on the road, because of the dread of the traveling etc. Do you feel the same when you go on vacation?
A: I still hate entering the airport, but itís not as bad when you are going somewhere you want to go.

Q: What's the worst injury you've ever seen for yourself at a wrestling card?
A: One of the scariest things I ever saw was on an ECW house show. Sabu did the triple jump moonsault in the ring but there was a table turned upside down that he didnít see and when he came around on the moonsault he actually landed on the extended table leg and took in right in the mouth. You could see whole body bounce when he hit it. He is so lucky he didnítí impale himself and die. Sabu finished the match and taped his jaw together the next night and kept working. Sabu is one tough SOB!

Q: I just read how Big Show has given up smoking, is smoking a common thing for WWE workers, seems like it would kill your cardio stamina.
A: It is not that common no.

Q: I was listening to an interview with Don Callis, who considers himself a protťgť of Bad News Allen, any guy out there who you consider to be a protťgť of?
A: Not really. I learned from a lot of people but I donít think any one person took me under their wing as a protťgť.

Q: Any workers out there who considers themselves to be your protťgť?
A: I donít know; it isnít really my place to judge what others think. Iíd like to think there are certainly those who think I taught them a lot.

Q: Do most WWE guys have an agent who handles contract negotiations or do they do it themselves?
A: A lot of both.

Q: In Mick Foley's recent book he keeps mentioning how a writers would call him a day or two prior to TV to tell him what his storyline was looking like, is that normal or did mick get special treatment in getting those calls.
A: A lot of top guys get that. There are a lot of guys who call the writers regularly too. Itís all part of the political process of helping guide your push.

Q: Hi Lance, have been reading your q&a, could you please tell me exactly what happened with daniel puder and kurt angle a few years back please?
A: This was during the Tough Enough competition. That week on the show they made the contestants exercise constantly and eat large quantities of food all afternoon, in hopes of making some of them throw up or at least wear them out before TV when put through their paces by Kurt Angle. After the on air competition the winner (donít remember who) was challenged to a shoot by Kurt. Kurt beat the first guy fairly easily and asked for any other takers. Puder jumped at the chance so we got the Puder Ė Angle shoot. This was a lot more competitive and Kurt took a while to get Puder down. He finally took Puder down but Puder had a Key Lock on Kurtís one arm and likely would have made Kurt tap or broken his arm had Kurt not rolled Puderís back to the mat and the ref made a very quick count to end the challenge.

Q: Noticed you havent posted your TV thoughts in a few weeks. How come? Havenít been watching , or just not interested in what the WWE is doing at the moment?
A: Iíve just been really busy as well as having some scheduling issues with some of the shows. RAW is not on at the same time anymore, so Iím missing it while trying to adjust to the new time slot.

Q: I'm sure you've been asked this before but, I know your real name is Lance but how did the name Lance Storm come about? Who came up with it?
A: It was just the best we could come up with at the time. I think it was Jericho, myself and one other person tossing ideas around and that was the best we came up with.

Q: What is the difference between a dragon suplex and a tiger suplex?
A: The Dragon is from a Full Nelson, while the Tiger is from a double chicken wing or under hook.

Q: As a huge David Morrell fan myself I was wondering which of his novels is your personal favourite? I myself have always had a soft spot for ďFraternity of the StoneĒ as it was the first one I read.
A: Iíve got a soft spot for Brotherhood of the Rose because it was the first of his I read, but picking a favourite Morrell is like picking your favourite kind of pie, there all so good.

Q: Does the WWE have any rules regarding getting new tattoos? In some cases a tattoo would go against the image of a wrestlers gimmick and I am sure that the WWE would have something in their T's & C's that would restrict this.
A: Not sure if they have changed their policy or not but when I was in OVW they sent out a memo asking talent to check with the office before getting any new ones, just to be sure they didnít conflict with any creative direction.

Q: Lets say you would've been in Shawn Michaels boots the night Bret got screwed, what would you have done? You've listen to Vince and did what Shawn did or would've you said no and refused to pull a fake finish on Bret?
A: This is one of those situations that canít be answered because my personality is so much different than Shawnís (at that time especially) that the conflict would not have been there. Part of the trouble over Bret doing the Job was the conflict he had with Shawn, so unless I were a completely different person that conflict would not have existed, so I could never be in that situation.

Q: How would you have reacted if you were Bret on this night? Same as he did?
A: Again that canít be answered for the same reasons as above. To be in that situation I would have had to have had to be in the same mental place Bret was in, and thus wouldnít be me.

Q: Why do you think Bobby Lashley stopped using the dominator, and is now using a running front powerslam that is now called the dominator?
A: I actually gave him the power slam finish when I started booking him in OVW. I think he switched because the Dominator is a far less comfortable bump itís very hard on the knees.

Q: Did you have a nickname in highschool?
A: Iíve never really had a nickname.

Q: You mentioned Steve Austin putting The Rock over in his last match at Wrestlemania 19...Is that really putting someone over? I mean, come on The Rock was already made! I don't know why they wouldn't have Austin losing to someone who could us the push.
A: Just because the Rock was already a star does not mean that isnít putting him over. You canít sell WrestleMania on a Steve Austin vs. a Nobody match. A lot of guys wouldnít have done that job, and losing to anyone who is staying in your last match is doing the right thing.

Q: Just wanted to know what you considered the biggest Wrestlemania crime out of these:
(1) MNM have never wrestled on the show (and probably never will now with Mercury's release).
(2) Paul London never made it on the card even though he was Crusierweight Champ for WM 21 and a long reigning WWE Tag Champ for WM 23.
(3) The IC Title hasn't been defended at Wrestlemania since WM 18.
(4) The Morley/Storm vs RVD/Kane World Tag Title match was bumped onto Heat so a few hot girls could pull down Coach's pants at WM 19.

A: I think #4 because the original match of Regal and I defending against Kane and RVD was actually built for Mania and in the actually program for the event. Us getting bump is worse than just not getting on.

Q: With WM23 now behind us, this marks the second year in a row where a Smackdown guy has won the Royal Rumble, been promised a Mania main-event, and ended up in the mid-card. What is the logic behind this? Why would you put a huge Undertaker title win, one which people have been wanting to see happen, in the middle of the show? I realize they want to promote Cena as the TOP guy (even though half the crowd can't stand him) but, by doing this type of booking, don't they essentially take away all credit which comes along with winning the Royal Rumble, and also for at least the past two years, Smackdown and its respective title? This one's killin' me Lance. Please help.
A: You are not the only person upset with this. They do need to be more careful in the way they word the Royal Rumble stipulation because they do say, that the winner goes on to Main Event WrestleMania and that has not been the case. The problem lies in TOO many damn World Titles!!!!!

Q: Do the majority of the boys like to talk about and watch wrestling as a fan, or when you do it for a living, does it lessen your love for watching it?
A: Hell if there is a particularly good match on a show there are often guys that meet the boys at the curtain with a round of applause, because the enjoyed the match so much.

Q: Could you imagine yourself being 58 years old like Ric Flair and still working his schedule, and how remarkable is his longevity?
A: No I canít.

Q: I don't know if you heard this or not, but at the last Smackdown PPV there was a classic spot (in my mind) where Finlay put Mini-Bogeyman in a shot arm scissor, is that hilarious spot sound like something Finlay would plan on his own, or someone else idea?
A: I would bet money that was all Finlayís idea.

Q: Ever work with Kanyon before, and did you like working him?
A: I worked with him in WCW and WWE. He was easy to work with but we had slightly different philosophies on match structure.

Q: Say WWE had interest in one of your students, but you did not think they were ready for WWE, would you tell WWE they are not ready, even though it may hinder them getting a job?
A: If WWE is interested no one will talk them out of it. Iíd give the student my best advice and wish them well. That door seldom opens twice, if they are interested you have to jump through it.

Q: Do you use your name value to try to get students work, or are they on their own for bookings.
A: I have helped get several booked.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm