Home Coming

April 9, 2007

Iíve had a lot of people asking me if Iím accepting bookings and when my next match will be. Well I can finally answer both questions, so I figured I would cover both of them this week. The first is easy, no I am not accepting bookings, or at least Iím not looking for any. Iím still open to the possibility of taking a booking or two but only if it schedules well around SWA and has some other outside appeal to it. The ďoutside appealĒ Iím talking about is more of an outside interest type thing, if the booking were somewhere I might want to go or somewhere Iíve never been. That was the primary reason behind me accepting the 1PW bookings last year, they agreed to fly both me and my wife over a week before the event and I turned it into a mini vacation for both me and my wife.

As for my next match, I have finally accepted another booking. I wasnít sure I was going to take anymore after getting hurt fairly seriously the last time, but Iíve caved in again and accepted one more. I will be wrestling another match for BSE this coming August in North Bay, Ontario. For those of you who donít know North Bay, Ontario is my hometown, and where I grew up. I was going to be back home this August anyway visiting my Mom, and the local ďNorthern OntarioĒ promoter for BSE just happens to be a friend of mine and heís been trying to get me to work one of his shows for a while. I was a little reluctant but everything just seemed to come together; the stars were in alignment so to speak, so I agreed to do the show.

I was going to be home, Mike (the aforementioned friend) was hoping to run a show, and I was talking to the Mayor of North Bay about doing some publicity around my homecoming anyway, so we are going to tie all of these pieces together and try to make August in North Bay a Big Lance Storm homecoming and in ring return.

It should be a lot of fun for me but also a little weird. The show is going to be Saturday August 11th (I believe) and held at the West Ferris Arena, which is right in the neighborhood I grew up in. I was never into hockey as a kid but I did watch a girlfriend play Ringet at this arena in high school, and skated there a time or two as a kid. It will also be cool that my family will be able to see this match, as it could very well be my last one. At this point in my life anytime I accept a booking it very well could be my last, and it would be rather fitting if my last match was back home where I became a wrestling fan, saw my first live wrestling event, and started to training for my career.

My opponent for the show is going to be Bobby Roode, who I have never worked but have been impressed with since first seeing him in TNA. It should be a great match and it will give me a chance to kick his ass for stealing my Team Canada gimmick as well as my Rolling Half Crab submission. Come to think of it he even has a female manager/valet now, like I had in both ECW and WCW. If this guy gets a haircut and starts being serious for a minute I may have to kill him!!!

If you live anywhere in Ontario this is a show you should try to make. Everyone Iíve talked to that caught my December match with Christian for BSE said it was a fantastic event, and this one should be no different. There is a decent chance it will be my last match ever, and Iíll be wrestling in front of what should be a pretty enthusiastic home town crowd. Iíve already talked to a few of my old high school teachers who are planning on coming to the show, as are my Mom, step-Dad, and Grandfather so it should be pretty cool. Itís not only a chance to see me wrestle one more time, but itís a chance to see where I grew up, and you might be able to meet some of the people I grew up with. Iím pretty sure they will also be selling the DVD of my December match with Christian that night, which features the only Lance-Storm-Spin-Arooni ever caught on tape.

Till then, I best hit the gym; Iíve got to get in shape.
Lance Storm