Randy Savage: follow up

May 22, 2011

I looked into the details of the SMW event where I met Randy Savage and came across an amazing coincidence. It turns out The Macho Man was in for a full weekend of show, which I did remember being the case, although I only remember talking to him the night I mentioned in Morristown TN.

What amazed me was that the weekend he came into SMW was the weekend of May 20th thru May 22nd. I could not believe it, Randy Savage died 17 years to the day, of the first time I met him. He worked 3 events that weekend:

Volunteer Slam III
Knoxville, TN on May 20, 1994
Drawing 2000

Tracy Smothers vs. Kendo the Samurai
The Thrill Seekers vs. Well Dunn
Lee & Candido vs. The R-n-R Express
Bruiser Bedlam vs. Randy Savage.
Jake Roberts vs. The Dirty White Boy.

May 21, 1994 in Morristown, TN
Drawing 700

Tracy Smothers vs. Killer Kyle.
The Thrill Seekers beat Well Dunn.
The Dirty White Boy vs. Kendo the Samurai
Randy Savage & R-n-R Express vs. Bedlam, Lee, Candido

May 22, 1994 in Marietta, GA
Drawing 340

Scott & Steve Armstrong vs. The Gangstas
The Thrill Seekers vs. Well Dunn.
Tracy Smothers vs. Dory Funk, Jr.
Brian Lee & Chris Candido vs. R-n-R Express.
Jake Roberts & Bedlam vs. Randy Savage & DWB

The Knoxville and Marietta shows were bigger events, which is likely while I donít recall talking with Randy on either of those nights, but the Morristown show was a small event and with Savage working a 6 man, I guess he had more time to relax, watch the show, and mingle with the boys. Another interesting note, it was the Saturday May 21st show that he gave me the advice about my wife. Tina and I were married May 7th, 1994, so this advice came only 2 weeks after our wedding. In hindsight I guess this was a belated wedding present from the Macho Man. May he rest in peace.

Lance Evers

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