September 12, 2010

I’ll be getting a Q and A up hopefully later today but I’ve got a couple things I want to plug and mention here briefly first.

I got an email this week from a former student of mine asking me to post a link to a fundraising site for a friend of his. I have not looked into the story and its legitimacy, but it was from a legit former student of mine and was a lengthy personal email not your classic formed scam email. If you are interested in the story and want to check out the site, his explanation of the situation to me and the site’s address is below.

“The reason I'm e-mailing is to ask for a big favour. A friend of mine named Dawn King has had a bit of bad luck recently - her son Timmy was playing baseball in the back yard when he was hit in the head with the ball and suffered a freak accident. He suffered a hematoma and fell into a coma. The worst was originally expected - but one year on he has proved the doctors wrong by recovering from the coma and is now able to communicate via "yes" and "no" flash cards. He currently needs therapy in order to improve his quality of life and his family is doing a lot of fundraising events to this end.

The favour I would ask would be for you to post a link to his fundraising site on your website with a brief description of the situation.”

The address is: http://keepingupwithtimmy.blogspot.com/

I received another, out of the blue, email this week, but this time on a much lighter note. This email was from Dolph Ziggler’s little brother, I kid you not. I’m not sure if everyone is aware of this or not but I was the guy who originally trained Dolph Ziggler. When I was instructing WWE’s developmental system in OVW I was sent a young kid, by the name of Nick Nemeth, right out of amateur wrestling to evaluate. He was hired shortly after that and I had to teach him how to wrestle. Nick was one of the few people I had to train right from scratch and he was a tremendous student and picked up this business very quickly. Nick went on to become part of the Spirit Squad and eventually ended up becoming Dolph Ziggler. I hear from Nick maybe once a year or so, but was quite surprised to hear from his brother Ryan who I have never met.

It turns out Ryan is following his brother’s footsteps and is currently training in OVW. In addition to becoming a wrestle, Ryan has also written a book. I have not had the chance to read the book yet, but Ryan is sending me a copy so will be checking it out soon. If you are interested in checking out Ryan’s book it is called, “I Can Make Out with Any Girl Here” and is available at: Amazon.com Like I said earlier, I have never met Ryan but if he is anything like his brother I can only assume that this book is not autobiographical and is in fact a HUGE work of fiction. Enjoy :-)

Lance Storm